Lose Weight

How do you start your day?.

By having the same cereal each morning? Or is breakfast little more than a slice of burnt toast?:
Breakfast can be the most enjoyable, energising and versatile meal every day of the week.

With a cup of coffee while missing breakfast because you don’t have time to eat?:
When every minute counts in the morning, you need a tasty and nutritious breakfast that takes just seconds to make..

Your breakfast may appear healthy, but is it really giving you what your body needs in the morning?:

A breakfast packed with the right nutritional mix helps you stay healthier so you can continue doing the things you enjoy.


What do nutritionists recommend for breakfast?

“You need a good source of complex carbohydrates and sufficient protein, vitamins and minerals to get your day off to the best start. The Herbalife F1 shake contains the all the nutrients you need to sustain your energy levels, stay fuller for longer and achieve maximum health.” – 
Luigi Gratton, M.P.H.,Vice President of Nutrition Education, Herbalife.



Simple carbohydrate-based Breakfast

High calories, low nutrients, low protein. Does your day start with white bread, a sugary cereal or a pastry? These foods may give you a short burst of energy but they lack the protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals your body needs. Shortly after eating, you’ll notice your energy levels drop, making you feel tired and reach for unhealthy snacks that can lead to weight gain.


No Breakfast

Low calories, low nutrients, low protein. Do you skip breakfast and then snack to get the energy you need? Skipping breakfast means your body has to draw on reserves of nutrients and water that will have depleted overnight. This can make you feel tired, irritable and prone to snacking on sugary foods for an energy boost.

Berry Shakes

Nutitionally complete Healthy Breakfast

Balanced calories, balanced nutrients, balanced protein. Breakfasts with the right nutritional mix release energy slowly, keep you fuller for longer and help you control your weight by limiting your need for snacks. With a good balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats, you’re more likely to feel happy, healthy and more energised for the busy day ahead!Shake vs Muffin

This is what the Doctor says: