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Advanced Program


Advanced Program

Delicious healthy meal that provides an excellent balance of high quality protein from milk and soy, essential micronutrients and added botanicals and herbs.

A programme to give you a headstart. This herbal combination utilises the properties of specially chosen ingredients designed to support a healthy and active lifestyle. Improvements in a healthy lifestyle will encourage your metabolic processes giving you a natural daytime lift. Try it and feel the difference!

The Herbalife Advanced Programme Includes:

  • Formula 1 Formulated Meal Replacement (4 flavours to choose from)
  • Formulated with an exclusive blend of selected proteins, vitamins, minerals and herbs. Low in calories, low in fat and a valuable source of fibre. Provides 18 amino acids to help the body function at its optimum level. Now contains Aminogen, a naturally derived ingredient that helps the body break down protein into free-form amino acids. Additional vitamins and minerals. Contains completely non-genetically modified ingredients. Enhanced fibre blend for a smoother, easier mixing shake.
  • Multivitamin Complex – Multivitamin Complex with minerals and herbs is scientifically developed to provide nutritional support for individuals who may not obtain an adequate amount of essential nutrients from the daily diet.
  • Cell-U-Loss – supports the healthy elimination of water, aids in promoting the appearance of healthy skin and the healthy activity of the urinary tract. Plant-based ingredients and added minerals help support fluid balance.
  • Chitosan Fibre Complex – blocks saturated fat from getting into the blood stream – eat your cake and enjoy it! A high fibre complex consisting of Chitosan and Fenugreek, designed to assist with the maintenance of regularity.
  • NRG Tablets (Nature’s Raw Guarana) – A high quality Guarana supplement that will give you a natural energy boost and speed metabolism. Guarana contains a less aggressive form of caffeine than coffee and is gentler on the digestive system, but still provides an invigorating effect.
  • Instant Herbal Beverage – Drink hot or cold – an effective antioxidant beverage that also gives you a natural energy lift.



  • The number 1 meal-replacement shake in the world.* F1 shakes have helped people all across the globe reach their weight-loss goals. Reach yours today!
  • Underpinned by science: Clinical studies show that daily use of meal replacement shakes as part of a calorie restricted diet is proven effective for managing weight, along with moderate exercise.
  • Calorie-controlled: Approximately 220 kcal per serving
  • Rich in protein from dairy and soy (18g per serving), Formula 1 shakes are a great option if you are looking to build lean muscle mass along with exercise
  • Quick to whip up, a F1 shake is a convenient healthy alternative to a high-calorie breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Soy protein: a complete protein providing all essential amino acids.
  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Available in four delicious flavours and also available: Free from lactose, soy and gluten when made according to instructions and suitable for vegetarians.


When trying to lose or manage your weight, it’s important to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. A healthy meal like Formula 1 helps you to control your calorie intake whilst also providing essential vitamins and minerals, with carbohydrate and protein. Use  twice daily, pack will last 1 month.